Quinn FidlerManaging Director

  • 15 years in the IT hot seat
  • Technical expertise in networking, servers, security and software
  • Managerial expertise in budgeting, supplier management, setting up new contracts, staff line management, recruitment
  • Employers include: BT Global Services, RM, Northumberland County Council, NCFE, TSG
  • Experience handling multiple sites and customers
  • Cisco CCNA
  • Microsoft IIS, TFS, Active Directory
  • QA-IQ Project Management
  • QA Microsoft Project
  • ITIL v3
  • VMWare Setup and Management


  • Technology Audit
  • Interviews with your staff, suppliers, and customers
  • Contract audit for your hardware and software
  • Conversations with your IT suppliers
  • Contract reviews
  • Industry best practice benchmarking
  • Recommendations


  • Cataloguing and managing your existing contract portfolio
  • Identify active contracts
  • Identify the people responsible
  • Create a database of contracts, people, and schedules
  • Create a timeline for contract review, supplier review, and renewal
  • Create a supplier management process
  • Benchmark existing contracts against current industry norms
  • Working with your suppliers to get the right contracts for you
  • Not being oversold or undersold on level of support, level of cover, and response time
  • Making sure you get the right kind and number of licences
  • Making sure contract terms and lengths are appropriate to your needs
  • Getting the right SLAs for your business
  • Helping you specify exactly the right type of hardware (servers, firewalls, printers)
  • Helping you to spend the appropriate amount of money (not too much, not too little)


  • Triage being the point of contact for non-core technology (telephones, mobiles, security systems, point of sale, credit card machines, website designer, finance software)
  • Liaising with your suppliers to ensure hardware repair is done correctly and quickly
  • Making sure the site is secure (antivirus, firewall, antispam, passwords)
  • Working from home, holiday, or anywhere else
  • Bringing broken or faulty PCs back to their working state
  • Supporting new staff to get straight to work (new users, new hardware) and managing existing users
  • Keeping your Internet connection up by working with your suppliers to fix faults quickly
  • Making sure staff can securely scan and print what they need, when they need, where they need
  • Restoring your lost or broken files from backups
  • Managing email addresses, distribution lists, and spam filters
  • Setting up, updating and upgrading software and making sure everything talks to each other properly (Sage=>HMRC, website=>email)
  • Database maintenance


  • Working towards standardising (PCs, software, and branding such as fonts and email signatures)
  • Seamless entry and departure for staff (new user policy, leaver policy, integration with HR)
  • Choosing the proper cloud, Internet, and data transfer strategies
  • Building an appropriate backup and restore plan
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Structuring company data for the right people to access to the right files
  • Working with your staff and suppliers to get the right advice strategy in place (security updates, software changes, compliance)
  • PCI, ISO 9001, ISO 270001, and industry specific compliance
  • Office moves, setup of new sites, connectivity between sites and buildings
  • Internet connection sizing
  • Rural connectivity planning
  • Cabling surveys
  • Creating maintenance plans for databases, planning database structure


  • Established since 2013
  • Profitable in every year
  • Increase in turnover in every year
  • More than 25 active customers
  • Multiple local, national, and international partnerships with technical suppliers
  • Customers in public, private, education, and charitable sectors
  • Most of our customers have between 15 and 250 users
  • Based in Whitley Bay and active across the UK, and around the world


Storey Communications SCL Nine Works PMHE Scott Bros Ltd Norseman Travel Newcastle University



Email: info@qetech.co.uk

Phone: +447811909094